Life photos: Cats, Me, Engineer

cat photo me photo
The first photo on this list is a no name cat that I met while raking leaves for an older woman. When I saw it at first it seemed a little shy but I sat down and coaxed it over to me, and I guess it figured I was friendly, since it came to sit on my lap. Then it did that whole claw in my leg thing so I went back to raking. I would like a cat like this one.

Then there is a not so pretty picture of me. I can't quite pinpoint what about it looks so bad, but I know that it is just a little manly. Not as bad as the picture where I talked about my grandmother in the hospital but still a boy. 

Then there is a package that I completely failed at opening. It was that Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter. For some reason I just couldn't get its shipping box open. Normally I do bad, but not this bad. I might just be getting worse in my abilities. Hurry send me things so I can practice.

Then at the bottom right there is a picture of simon the cat. He seems to sleep on this couch every morning that I go over there that's where he his. Of course I have to disturb him because I love cats. But he doesn't love me.

Then in the middle is a random picture of my steering wheel taken before I headed into school. It doesn't look too bad considering the age of the car and on the side you can see my wallet, that's attached to the keys.

Then there is my Ballon engineering project. When I was trying to take the picture, this Noah kid decided it would be cute to put his hand in the way. It looks so scrawny, and I can't remember if its that way actually. 
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