I was addicted to Neopets

Awhile back I talked about how I was addicted to farmville. I told you about how everyday there seemed to be something new that I needed to do. Crops were ready, I needed to share a post so that people would click on it that way I'd get the special animal of the day, I needed items to make buildings. Well you see after that, the same thing happened with Neopets.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved this site. A few of my friends played it, and so did my favorite cousin. In the summer we'd spend the day taking turns playing. One day bored at home, instead of doing something productive I decided I'd make a new Neopets account to play for fun. And I couldn't stop.

Every day you can get all these cool little things by visiting the site and simply clicking a few links. Then you can play all the games and three times to get points, of which there are probably a thousand games. I've spent whole days on the site, that way I could build a house level up my Neopet and a ton of other silly things.

Then I realized it was a problem. Every morning I'd get on before school to do the daily click stuff, and then instead of getting started on my homework right away I'd go to the game and do a few of my favorite games. In just two weeks I ended up with a big house and over 200k neopoints in the bank, and so I stopped playing.

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