I stole Big Hair's Hat

Cute girl with a hat
Yesterday when I wrote about my Friday Hangout, I mentioned that the main reason for that was it was my relaxation day. Today was my fun with Big Hair day, and although we didn't go anywhere special I still had a great time, hanging out with my boy, and although I'm quite tiring, I'd like to think that he had a lot of fun too. And as it would seem I got a new hat out of the whole thing.

First at two am, I know I shouldn't have still been up, I sent him a message asking where he was. I knew he was supposed to come over at eight, but I figured it was worth a try. Unfortunately he wasn't even up at the time, and he texted me back at about seven. I used my Maybelline BB Cream and LA Colors liquid black eyeliner and attempted to straighten my hair using my Definition Series flat iron, and then a little before eight the Big Hair arrived.

We had breakfast at my house, where he ate cheerios, and I had chili. We hung out at the house for awhile and then went out to lunch. I had a chicken sandwich and fries, but no drink. Since we were going back to my boyfriend's house to eat, I just got one there. After eating we watched a movie called Blood Diamonds, that was on TV, and then went into the hot tub.

We were in the hot tube for only about 10 minutes before the heat became too much too handle. We were so tired that we took a nap afterwards, and at about that time his mother and sister came home. Right before they came I went to the bathroom and found one of Big Hair's awesome hats to wear. They had dinner while we ate some cake and then went to my house to eat dinner.

I of course didn't leave that hat at his house and took it with me. Through the pizza eating with my parents I got away with wearing the hat, until one of my parents mentioned how silly I looked. Actually I looked pretty cool, I mean my boyfriend's family said "hipster". Although this hat is a little big on me, I'm probably going to wear it often so that I get the cool Big Hair vibe going.
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