He came onto me through a message system?

ugly big eyed girl
 Another day at school. I got up and dressed, wearing my old blue stripe shirt and headed out the door. For the first time on my way to school this week, there wasn't fog, something that I'm not going to miss due to my bad driving abilities. The time was quite a bit shorter too, for driving meaning I came in early with nothing to do, but play Hair Salon the iPhone game, as well as running with friends. I was so early that I was the only one sitting in class for awhile, although two people had set their stuff in the classroom before I got there. 

Class wasn't as bad as it normally is, I mean we actually learned about psychology instead of anatomy, and did this strange rubber hand experiment. Then I went for my longer than normal nap in the care and came back inside to eat.  I tried to study a little, but found myself pretty distracted, so it took me awhile to complete my schoolwork. On the table though I saw this flier.
october 15 hand wash day.
October 15 is Global hand washing day. I think its pretty funny they have to have something like these to remind people to wash their hands. I do know a kid who doesn't so maybe they need even more public awareness though. When it was time to go to class, after sitting around for basically forever, I was the first in there. I saw some guy sneak in and steal all of the dry erase markers, and then I left so I wouldn't have to be the one who explained what happened. By the time I came back there were people in there. 

A boy that is a part of a group that I do homework with right before class, asked me if I had a Facebook, then he was all "Oh I was going to ask you something about a math thing, but couldn't find you, I guess I can just send you a message on Oncourse" and a little suspicious but not completely so I was all "Yeah! I check that like everyday" When I came home, 

"Hey its Kid From Math Class,
We should talk sometime about majors, i think its cool you are interested in ME. Also if you want to study or do calc sometime just let me know. You can text me anytime and i do check oncourse. 
Kid From Math Class"

This is probably oddest way I've ever been asked to hang out, and after getting a few opinions I'm pretty sure he's trying to get me to hang out with him because he liiikkkeees me. Funny because by the time math class comes around I look terrible, see first picture from this blog post for evidence, so I don't know what he's seeing. Not only is this message not at all direct, he's a little too late because I already have a hot boyfriend. I'm still trying to decide exactly how to word my response and by now you think I'd have practice with this.

For an average looking girl, I get way more than my fair share of boys coming after me. Boys that I haven't flirted with in the least, who seem to develop these odd crushes on me. No matter if I decide to completely reject them or simply ignore there sometimes not so subtle behavior, I always feel like I'm in an awkward place. I can only image what it must be like to be an actual hot girl.

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