Have You Ever Played Runescape?

I remember when one of my, male, cousins came to visit from Utah (I went to visit them in Utah too!) and he introduced me to the game Runescape. I was twelve, and off and on I've played the game since. Normally I'll do it for a whole day once a month, but I've gone 8-9 months without even touching it. 

If you don't know what it is, than that's good because that also means you don't know how I lame I am for playing it. Unlike neopets  none of my friends ever played runescape, not even any boys I knew. Or at least they didn't admit it if they did. Basically its a game that's set in the middle ages, except not the real middle ages because there is magic. You can do all kinds of stuff. From farming and stealing (if you're a member) to crafting, and woodcutting. You can go on these quest that the game creates and get rewarded with items and coins. You can go and fight monsters, or even other players in certain areas, and each of these things gives you coins and experience. 

My favorites to do were mining, smelting, and then smithing in one big process. It gives the most experience points and when you sell what you've made, gives a decent amount of coins. These coins are then traded in for different things, like Rune Armor that I was finally able to save up enough for all of it, to bones my other big purchase. These bones give your prayer points when you bury them.  I've spent millions on the grand exchange to buy them.

One other thing I do is explore around and right. The whole mining smelting smithing thing is kind of repetitive so I'd get bored and want to go kill stuff. Fighting never gives all that great of things, or really even that much experience but it is fun, and plus it increases your overall level so people think you're really tough. 

With all the update changes, and the fact I can't play it on my mac, meaning I have to switch to a desktop, I don't play very much at all anymore. It just isn't what it used to be, although unlike StampedeRun most of the changes are pretty good. It just takes too long to get anywhere in the game, kind of like playing Sims. You realize you've spent five hours playing the game in no time. 
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