Haul: Walmart Hair Products

hair things from walmart
Its been forever since I did this Walmart Haul, at least a month, and I've just had this photo sitting around on my phone. You see I like to wait to do my hauls until I've had the proper time to review all the products and I've been really late on doing that. Its been even longer though since my first Walmart Beauty Haul which was over a year ago. Most of the time I shop at CVS for my drugstore beauty essentials, but bigger places like Walmart do have their perks.

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo - This is one of the best moisturizing shampoos that I've ever tried. It could probably make straw feel like silk its so good. The smell is also quite amazing, but the whole reason I bought it is because its a purple shampoo something I was in desperate need of. 

Tresemme Curl Hydration Conditioner - I've always loved Tresemme products and this conditioner is no exception. It works well, looks nice in my bathroom and is very affordable. Maybe even the cheapest shampoo in Walmart when compared ounce for ounce.

Tresemme Hydrating Hair Serum - Since I don't brush my hair unless I'm going to style it, you'd understand if you have curly hair, in-between I need something to put in it to keep it from getting too messy. So I went with this hair serum, which works pretty well.

John Frieda Foam Color - This is the only hair color I use. Its easy to apply doesn't seem to damage my hair and the color always ends up very nice. I've thought about switching it up for review purposes but I just can't risk my hair. Especially when I'm already so happy with what I have.
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