All those Glasses
Way back in the day, as in fifth grade, I used to be an eyeglasses wearer. I remember how much I absolutely hated them. They were all so ugly. After having light in my eyes, having them poked and being forced to stare at letters for the better part of an hour I was ready to be gone. So you can imagine how quickly I went through the whole trying on glasses thing. Oh and believe me, the lack of time I took really showed. 

I remember one pair specifically that were way too small for my eyes, something that can be a problem when for big eyed people, were this weird off white blue color, and had nose pads that showed remarkable well. Actually I can't remember one pair of eyeglasses frames that I liked. So as you can imagine as soon as I could convince my parents I went straight to contacts. 

You see though there are a few problems with contacts, the main one that they're very hard on your eyes. Putting them in, taking them out day in and out, not to mention all the things that get trapped behind them. So I've been looking for a nice pair of prescription glasses to wear. Ones that aren't anything like those of my childhood.

That's when I found Their glasses are both affordable, starting at $23, but they're good looking too. There are hundreds of men's women's and unisex to pick from, and so many varieties in shape and color. They can even make your glasses into sunglasses. The best part though is that with the virtual mirror, you can try on the glasses before you buy. Simply upload a picture and start comparing.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a fancy pair of glasses that are affordable, and stylish. If you order before Halloween is over, using the code HALLOWEEN you can get 50% off and free shipping. If you don't happen to make that code there's also the 10% off code BLOG10

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