Giveaway: Barnes & Noble Gift Cards and Books

book and gift card giveaway
*Giveaway at end of post

As a lot of my readers know, I'm given quite a few books to review. Brand new books, many of which haven't been released yet, and some that aren't even in their final copy when they reach me. After reading them and than righting my thoughts, these barely used books go into big boxes waiting until it gets full enough to get packed up into the truck and heads to goodwill.  Most of the time Goodwill is a great place to send your old things, I mean I've turned a Goodwill shirt into a sofa pillow and made an Upcycle cat toy out of a scarf.  For brand new looking books though, Goodwill isn't always the best place, so I've decided to make a giveaway for sixteen of my favorite books that I've reviewed lately, as well as giving away Barnes and Noble gift cards.

Here's how the giveaway is going to work, I'm going to put the sixteen books in groups of four based on which ones I think go together the best. There will be four winners for this book and gift card giveaway and each winner will receive a random book pack (trust me all of these books are great reads) as well as a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift card. Winners will have the option of either having the gift card mailed to them via the postal service or as an e-gift card sent to the giveaway winner through email. Oh and this giveaway is open internationally, so those of you who are outside of the United States won't feel left out. To enter basically just be a follower of me.

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