Food Photos: Waffle with fixings

my food collage
Starting out this post, is a Waffle with fixings. As it would seem, I've decided to start making my biggest picture not only the first one I talk about but also the title of the blog post. How cool is that. This waffle with peanut butter, syrup, and whipped cream is the free breakfast at the Ohio Hyatt, and it was very good. I was super impressed with their waffle maker.

On the bottom left is a dinner I had at my house made of course by my mom. It consisted of hamburger helper and broccoli. If I remember correctly originally my boyfriend was going to eat with us so we weren't' going to fix this, due to his picky eating habits so when plans changed so did our meal.

Next is a photo of what I had an italian restaurant while in ohio on that factory visit. I was expecting the place to be similar to Olive Garden, you know where you sit down they take your order and such but it was more like Harde's where you wait in line to order and they bring it to you. The food was great though and I had a slice of pizza and noodles along with breadsticks.

On the bottom right is the froot loops I got from the Hotel breakfast. Yes, the same one with the waffle. I saved it though and ate it one day in my car after a nap. Even without milk they're good, and very cheerful with all those colors.

Then a vending machine food that I'm not proud of. Actually I think this was the bag of Cheetos that I ended up getting smudges on my math homework because. How could I have possibly said no to this snack though when it was staring at me.

Last is another food that I had in the hotel, a bag of popcorn. It was the only cheap thing in their little store so we bought it. We ended up popping it in a microwave downstairs that took forever to shut off afterwards so we thought we broke it.
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