Food Photos: Spaghetti and a Burger

food for me
First thing on this everyday food post, spaghetti with garlic bread (I know it looks like a bun) and a salad. It wasn't my average spaghetti that I eat, and not nearly has pretty as my spaghetti drawing but still I can't complain. It is one of my favorite foods.

Next on the list is a burger that I had at my boyfriend's house. On a side note remember what I do when my boyfriend doesn't text me back. You can tell it isn't mine simply because the plate is colored, and all of mine are white. I liked this burger better than the last, because it wasn't quite so cooked.

Oatmeal Cream Pie, this is one of those vending machine foods that I ate before class. It was good, but not as good as if I had brought something to eat for myself. Actually it was a little too big and sweet for me to finish.

The next food pictured is something else from the vending machine, a KitKat extra crispy wafers. I eat these quite often when I'm looking for something sweet to eat. As you can see I have my pouch with keys attached and food inside. I'm also wearing Fire Los Angeles  pants.

The last two photos are of soup that I had two days in a row. The first night is the one towards the right and was for dinner. Then for my lunch I added in chicken and red peppers to make it a little more interesting.
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