Food Photos: Shallows Eating Out

food I eat
The big photo, and the one on the top right are what I ate tonight at Shallows. It was pretty good, although too big of portions for a girl like me to eat. The first thing was the appetizer, a half order of chips that I shared with my family. So big for half an order. Then came the chicken nachos, which look a lot like that mini pizza I make . It was good though a little fatty tasting.

Then Chinese food I had after chemistry class on Monday. I think it was supposed to be a treat for me for having to study for the test in that class so much (that I did well on). The place is pretty close to my house and we ate inside. They have the best fried rice.

This was an okay dinner at my house. It wasn't bad, but really way too hard to eat. The chicken could have been much better if the BBQ sauce was as a dip instead of all over the place. The corn (from that farm fresh corn) was good as was the mashed potatoes. 

Then a food that my mother cooked very well on the far left bottom. Noodles with sauce and salad. I loved the noodles and sauce. This might actually be one of my favorite simple foods. The salad though wasn't so good because the dressing I picked was way too salty.

Last is something that came from the vending machine, and although I wasn't that hungry when I got it, I had to have it. I hadn't had this treat since the last time I had home made Rice Krispies Treats
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