Food Photos: Pumpkin Spice Noodles

the food around me
The first food, the biggest picture, is normally something that I reserve for a food that tastes really good. But this pumpkin spice noodle ravioli tray dinner is something I hated so much that I had to talk about it. I only ate a few bites before I was had to stop. Not everything tastes good in pumpkin spice. Those pumpkin spice cookies I made and those pumpkin bars were pretty good though.

On the bottom is a cookie that my mother gave to me from McDonalds. She forgot to give it to me that night so in the morning when I was getting ready for school she did and I took it with me. I then ate it after my first class, before my nap in the car, and it was so good.

Next is a bean and bacon soup I had with my mother when my dad was gone on a work trip. It would have been pretty plain, but we added in spinach for the iron, and it tasted pretty good. Plus I need all that extra iron for my blood.

There is that chilly cheese dog from dairy queen. I had one of these before and really liked it so I went to get another one while I was with Big Hair on Saturday after halloween. It was of course still very good, and I noticed their hotdog casing is a little thicker than your average hotdog. 

Last are the two vending machine foods that I had. I think part of the reason I eat so much from the vending is that I get bored of the studying.  I might have to stop it though and start bring my own because its so expensive, and unhealthy.
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