Food Photos: Pizza Potato Soup

Food at the home
Starting with the biggest photo, is this Chicago's Pizza I had with my boyfriend. I had another food photos post with Chicago's Pizza but for this one, instead of having leftovers we got it and brought it back to his house to eat. Since it is the same thing though, I decided to take the picture at a different angle and I really like how it looks.

Then there is the bottle of snapple that I drank, I'm sure at his house. I can't remember when I had it but I know it had to be with the Big Hair, because I only have the K-cup version of snapple at my house. Which are also very good incase your curious. 

Next was a vending machine food, sunchips. The harvest cheddar was the only one that was there, and that's fine that they don't have other options as long as it isn't the original flavor. I'm not a fan of that one.

On the bottom right is a dinner that I had at my house. It was a half ear of corn, vegetables and grilled chicken. It was healthy and tasted very good. I was surprised by how nice the corn tasted, and cooked carrots and squash mixed well together. The chicken wasn't the best ever, but with ketchup it was.

Next was the potato soup cracker and egg. My boyfriend's mother decided for some reason that day she was going to feed me I guess. She started asking me what I liked to eat and then instead of making Big Hair get it for me, she did everything. All while I was in the bathroom so I couldn't tell her I'd do it myself.

Last in the middle bottle is a dinner I had at my house. Noodles with beef (and sauce) as well as vegetables. Since two of these dinners have had vegetables, I'm hoping that you come to the conclusion that I'm a healthy person, but I guess if you did that you'd also realize my whole no meat plan isn't going so well.

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