Food Photos: Healthy Yogurt, Nuts, and Berries

The first food that I'm talking about is not only the biggest picture, but also the title of this blog post, Healthy Yogurt and Berries. Late one night I wanted a snack and instead of getting my normal unhealthy kind of thing, I went for vanilla yogurt, strawberries, pecans, and blueberries. What you see that looks like sugar is actually ice because the berries are from the freezer. It was really good, but not as good as junk food.

Then there is the crepe that my mother made for me one day for breakfast. Its similar to the Blackberry Crepe but this one has apples instead. Oh and they're mixed in instead of simply being folded over. My parents say its german, but I'm not really sure. Oh and the white crystals on top are sugar not ice.

Then there was some pizza that I had of course at the Big Hair's house. I absolutely love Chicago's pizza, and even better they're bread sticks. I wouldn't call them as awesome as olive garden bread sticks, but still very nice. Oh and with nacho cheese sauce you can't go wrong.

The the M & M's and right above them the beef sticks. Just more vending machine foods. Honestly I'm trying to start dieting and shouldn't be eating them but they taste so good and are so convenient. Really though I could easily bring my own things from home and even use a microwave at school.

Last is a simple soup that I had. I honestly don't even know what it is, because I can't remember. If I had to guess though it is a chicken noodle thing out of the can, and it probably tasted just fine. I might be way off though.
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