Food Photos: Green Star Doughnut

my food you see
The first photo is one of the doughnuts that were part of a box that my parents brought home in a dozen. This one was pretty good with green icing and sprinkles, but it had a really thick cream filling just in the very center, that I didn't at all like. I did have another one that had a raspberry filling that I liked much better.

On the bottom left and center are two vending machine treats that I ate. I've said before how I want to stop eating this stuff, but until school is out and I'm away from the temptation, I don't think its going to happen. The sun chips and peanut M & M's are my biggest weakness. At least the sun chips are a little healthy.

Then leftover macaroni and cheese with broccoli in it. This was my dinner one day, and then of course another because of it being leftovers. I also really like having hotdogs in it, but its not a set thing. I'm sure though that this food looks pretty nasty in the picture to some of you.

Homemade chicken noodle soup. This stuff looks so different than the kind that comes in the can, I almost don't want to call it chicken noodle soup but rather vegetable with chicken and noodles soup. It is very good, although I miss the extra salt.

Then there is the ugliest picture of all, oatmeal that I had for breakfast on Friday Thanksgiving.  It was very good, but almost something I shouldn't have taken a picture of due to the ugliness factor. Oh well, I have a ton of ugly pictures of my face on my blog, so I'm not too concerned with keeping this space nice.
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