Food Photos: Drinks, mostly water

drinks I drink
This is actually the second post I've had that's fully about what I'm drinking. I really don't drink anything that interesting to be honest. Mostly water like two of these things pictured and its even less interesting because its almost always tap water so I don't bother taking a picture of it. I've been thinking though for school I need to have a water bottle so I don't waste money or hurt the environment with those silly plastic cups.

The two mugs are a little funny. The boo one might be at my boyfriends house and if so probably had tea in it. I love having themed cups at least mugs anyways so using a Christmas cup is also quite nice for me. The thing is though that I think that snowman cup picture was taken in september. Way early for even true Christmas lovers.

Chocolate milk on the very top. I love this stuff so much but always drink it too fast. Plus since I like normal milk just fine there's no reason for the added sugar. Milk is only second to water in my consumption throughout the day.

Last is a large cup of  lemonade, from McDonalds.  This was taken after my terrible hike on Trail 10 in Brown County. I was so tired and thirsty and hungry. I just wanted all of those things right then. Really though, going was quite nice and the trees were so pretty.
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