Covered Bridge Festival

Girl with curly purple hair
sunglasses with a boy
Yesterday I went to a covered bridge festival will by boyfriend and his family. I think going there is kind of a yearly thing, so I went along too. Our first stop was about ten minutes in, to take a look at the new house that his parents are having built. It was more of a drive by than anything because workers were working on it. We didn't even get out of the car. Then we headed to a pumpkin place where his sister and her boyfriend (I suppose they did get engaged) bought pumpkins. 

Because there wasn't a bathroom at the place, we stopped at a gas station and went there. I was sure I didn't have to go, but once there I did. I'm starting to think that my bladder isn't really my friend. Then after the gas station trip someone decided to turn on the radio, to Cosmo channel. It was terrible.

Once we got to the Covered Bridge Festival I wasn't all that impressed. There were a ton of people, and booths, but no covered bridge. The booths seemed to all have odd kind of things, but the food was pretty traditional country. There was also a musician playing, and every five seconds was saying thank you to who knows what. 

We then walked around far away from all the booths and the people and found a flea market/antique shop where Big Hair's mother bought some decorating kind of things. When we headed back to the car, I thought we were do, but no such luck.

We then went to another festival, but this one did have a covered bridge that I walked over. It was basically the exact same, with more things and we got things to eat and wandered about. I did end up with blisters on my feet though thanks to my Steve Madden Combat Boots that weren't the best thing to wear. 

The ride back I think everyone slept a little (other than my boyfriend's father who was driving) and then Big Hair and I went to my house. For a little while we had fun, but then I had poop problems. All and all I did have a good time, though I'm sure the only reason is because of the big hair. Otherwise I would have run off halfway through and gotten lost, and ended up dead. So the entertainment of my boyfriend saved my life yesterday. And doesn't he look super cute with my heart sunglasses on?

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