Braces Didn't Do Anything

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Today I had my last orthodontist appointment, which got me to thinking... the whole braces thing didn't really work for me. Like so many other middle schoolers my dentist recommended that I get braces. I remember going into the see the orthodontist and being so upset by it, especially the fact that I had to have top braces, my upper teeth were so straight. Actually the first person I told I needed braces said I should get a second opinion. 

Of course, I didn't win the fight against my parents so on went the braces, a year and a half and $5000 later my teeth were "fixed". Countless times my lips became caught on the brackets and I had to rip skin to get them off. Not to mention that brushing my teeth was so much harder, and flossing just didn't happen.

When I got them off my gums were so irritated that the orthodontist, really a hygienist, had to laser them. Which brings me to my first point those hygienists are the exact example of the kind of women I hate. They talk the whole time in shrill voices about nothing at all. The ratio of hygienist time to orthodontist time is 15:1. Anyways I was given a retainer to wear in the top part of my mouth and a permanent one in the bottom.

The top, scraped against my teeth every time I took it out, so I stopped wearing it. The bottom made it too hard to floss the teeth that I covered, and the teeth that needed fixed went back to basically the way they were.  When I went in for that last orthodontist appointment I hadn't worn the top one in at least 6 months but it fit exactly the same. Which brings me to ask why anyone gets braces.

*I'm sure that I'll get a ton of emails from this post, saying a variety of things, but this is just my personal experience with braces. On a side note I'm wearing Hydroxatone BB CreamLancome Noir Midnight Mascara, and LA colors liquid black mascara
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