Book Review: When the Clouds Roll By

book by Myra Johnson
When the Clouds Roll By
Till We Meet Again
Myra Johnson

Sometimes going home is the worst thing you can do. World War 1 has ended, but returning to Hot Springs, Arkansas means Lt. Gilbert Ballard has to face his fiancee Annemarie, who has no idea how badly he's been wounded. Army Chaplain Samuel Vickary has helped Gilbert confront his postwar anxiety but both men continue to struggle with the war's aftermath on their lives.

Determined he won't become a burden, Gilbert decides to break off is engagement to Annemarie. Samuel does his best to convince Gilbert he's a fool for giving Annemarie up, but he can't deny at least to himself his own growing attraction for his best friend's girl. Caught in the middle and confused, Annemarie searches for the courage that can save them all - the courage for Samuel to reaffirm his faith for Gilbert to leave he war behind and for her own journey to become the woman God intended her to be. 

Myra Johnson is the award-winning author of several novels, including One Imperfect Christmas, Autumn Rains, and Romance by the Book. She is active in her chruch as well as local and national writers groups. Empty-nesters, Myra and her husband share their North Carolina home with two lovable dogs and a snobby parakeet.

When you're in the mood for a historical romance, When the Clouds Roll By is a great book to read. It has the whole wounded veteran thing going for it, for those of you who like Strait of Hormuz or other military dramas, or romances like the Get Lost Book, you'll love reading about these characters. 
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