Book Review: Thrive

book by Lisa Toney
Live Like You Matter
By Lisa Toney

There's a little known biblical proverb that holds a profound key to living a life that matters a life that thrives. "Those who trust in their riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf. Life is far too amazing to waste. Discover how Proverbs 11:28 can help you realize the life God has planned for you. You will learn about the wisdom of an ancient proverb, the power of an honest yes, the protection of a thoughtful no, the relief of a pulled barb, the celebration of a worthy pursuit, the freedom of a vanquished fear, the honor of fighting injustice, the triumph of hope, the peace of a reasonable pace, and the pursuit of excellence. 

Lisa Tony (M.Div, Fuller Theological Seminary) is an associate executive pastor, and Spiritual Formation ministry leader. She regularly speaks at universities, churches, and gatherings around the country. Lisa and her husband make their home in Southern California and are the parents of three children. 

Guide books are a dime a dozen. There are books for maintaining sexual integrity, and even books for being a single black mother. Lisa Toney's book about good living is a little different though. It uses scripture to point you in the right direction, not tell you what you HAVE to do. 
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