Book Review: Severed Trust

the men of the texas rangers
Severed Trust
The Men of the Texas Rangers
By Margaret Daley

Is it suicide or murder? When a popular high school student dies under mysterious circumstances, teacher Sadie Thompson is not only pulled into the growing problem of prescription drug abuse but also becomes involved with the Texas Ranger who's investigating the death. Through Ethan stone. Sadie discovers the drug ring reaches much further than just into her high school.

After Ethan's niece Lexie is drugged in an attempt to silence her, Sadie helps Lexie piece her life back together. They make progress until Lexie's best friend commits suicide - or so it looks to the authorities. When Lexie confides to Sadie about her suspicions concerning her friend's death, Sadie and Ethan find themselves in a desperate race to stop the abuse - and a murder.

Margaret Daley is an award winning author of more than sixty five books. Margaret has served as the president of American Christian Fiction Writers, and she has taught numerous classes for online groups and national conferences. She enjoys mentoring other authors. She lives in Oklahoma. 

Western romance meets mystery murder, in Severed Trust. I love all of the character development in this book, because everyone seems so real. This really is a great book to read, I mean who doesn't love reading about murder, drugs, and love? If you liked The Cutting Edge or Splitting Harriet you'll love this book. 
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