Book Review: Mistaken

First impressions are never what they seem book
First Impressions are Never What They Seem
By Karen Barnett

Laurie's Judgment about men has never steered her wrong. Until now. Since alcohol and prohibition have made criminals out of every man in her world, Laurie Burke resolves to find at least one honorable man. Convinced that handsome newcomer, Daniel Shepherd is connected with her brother's rumrunning gang, Laurie quickly scratches his name off her list. Federal agent Samuel Brown might be the answer to her prayers or her worst nighmare.

Karen Barnett has been published by Guideposts and Ladybug magazines. She lives in Albany, Oregon with her husband two children and three cats.

You know those times you feel like staying home on a day when you're feeling especially emotional, due in my case to Nexplanon, and you just want to curl up and read a nice book. Well Mistaken isn't going to be that kind of book. At first you feel for the girl who just wants a man, but then in a big plot twist you are more worried for her safety and that she might really die, than simply getting a broken heart. A great book to read if you liked Slopjar.
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