Book Review: Good God Lousy World, & Me

Improbably Journey of a human rights activist from unbelief to faith

Good God, Lousy World, and Me
The Improbable Journey of a Human Rights Activist from Unbelief to Faith

For years Holly Burkhalter was a heartbroken idealist working on the front lines of change around the world - a witness to the brutalities of genocide, sex trafficking, rape, slavery, greed, and injustice. Throughout her career she found herself fearlessly often angrily, sometimes hilariously at odds with a God who seemed distant at best and tyrannical at worst. Until the day she found herself drawn into a community of fellow activists who loved worshiped and served a loving God, who hated injustice too, and had a plan for combatting it, us.

Today Holly engages deeply with the questions that keep her from faith most of her adult life: How could a good God allow brutality, mental illness and AIDS? Why does God seem indifferent when we are in great need? What is our part in pushing back the darkness? Through stories from her own life, she wrestles these questions to the ground. Sometimes she wins. Sometimes the questions do. But she's caught a glimpses of the Kingdom of God on this earth and her stories will inspire you to reflection and gratitude.

Reading through this book, you'll hear a lot of stories about bad things that happen, but Holly Burkhalter manages to see God, not a bad mean god, but one who loves his people and helps them. This whole book has that whole you can't control what happens, similar to 40 Days of Grace. If you liked Dangerous by Caleb Bislow or Persecuted, the Global assault on Christians, you'll love this book.
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