Book Review: 99 Stories from the Bible

99 stories form the bible
99 Stories from the Bible
By Juliet David
Illustrated by Elina Ellis

A great selection of best-loved stories in scripture. At the beginning, water and trees sun stars and seasons plenty of fish in the sea all sorts of animals a man and a woman a day of rest for the creation of earth. A wonderful garden forbidden fruit leaving the garden and flashing sword for a garden of eden. Then Noah builds an ark, the boat afloat, the first rainbow and a tall tower. Abraham moves home a baby for Sarah, Isaac finds a wife, twins, a stony pillow. Then to Joseph, Moses, Joshua, a man with long hair, Samuel , Esther and on to the new testament which is all about Jesus.

I love the illustrations throughout the 99 Stories from the Bible book. They're moderately realistic, but still fun. Actually they remind me a lot of the illustrations that I saw in church as a child. The stories are easy to read, and I love how small each chapter is, making it easy for a short attention span. I do wish though that the new testament had more in-depth information past Jesus. If you liked reading Bible and Prayers or Bumper Wipes Clean Activities you'll want to check out this book.
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