An Introduction to Checkers

The dog Checkers
As it would seem, I've done two blog posts over my dog, Checkers, like giving her a bath, and pictures of her sleeping when she was given medication for her skin allergies, but nothing about who she REALLY is. That could be because this is mostly a blog about the Hanna Lei girl (that's me!) or an even more likely reason, since I do seem to write about almost ever, is that she doesn't have much substance to her personality. She is a dog. 

With that said though, she does have a few things that are a lot of fun about her so I'll start with that. First off she is probably one of the most gentle dog I've ever been around. The above pictures are me waking her up in the morning, and even though in the last picture she looks like she's trying to bite me, it wouldn't hurt at all. For the longest time, I didn't even think she had back teeth because when I play with her I never feel any. 

This sleeping picture leads to another thing about my dog Checkers, and that is that she isn't at all a morning kind of girl. If its still dark out there isn't any chance of getting her up in the mornings, even if you put her food out. She would though get up if something dropped in the food in her bowl, because food is her favorite thing in the world. Whenever I do dog treat reviews, like those over the minties treats, or the Beneful Food and Treats I can never write about how much she loved the food, because any kind of food is awesome to her, I mean she eats from the trash can.

Another thing she really likes is going on walks. If someone gets the leash out, Checkers gets to excited. She'll run to the door, and back to the leash holder until they hook her on and go. I'll admit though, going on walks with her isn't all that much fun, because she pulls way to much. I almost always give her to someone else like Big Hair to deal with. Especially if she sees a cat, because she wants nothing more to be friends with all of them.

*I hope you didn't mind too much that I had a full post about my dog, although honestly I think a lot of you guys are just happy it wasn't another "School Day in Hanna's Eyes" type of post. Which will probably be what I blog about tomorrow. 
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