A Picture a Day, and First Snowfall

Hanna Lei asian
 So today was yet another school day, which I realized I've been able to refrain from blogging about this past week or so, something that everyone should be proud of me for. But today I will. Nothing really interesting happened on my ride to school, but once I got in the classroom, someone who came in right after me mentioned a bad smell. I thought it could be me, even though I do use Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant , but luckily it was discovered the smell was coming from outside the classroom. They were fixing something, and making a lot of noise, but unfortunately they stopped when the teacher started lecturing. 

He went through his lecture pretty fast, over operant learning, something that they covered in the previous class, and then he handed back our tests. I had yet another B+, something that I have mixed feelings about, and looking around me it seemed like everyone else did quite a bit worse. He then told us that we should "drop now" and that for a lot of us it would be impossible to pull off a C-. Really seems like he wants us to learn.

After than I headed out to my car, a little early because of an expected fire drill, to nap in my car. About five minutes afterwards everyone else came out and while I was happy in all my blankets in the back seat, along with a pillow I took an hour and a half nap. After waking up, I got a few food items from the vending machine  and went to work studying. About half way through I realized I needed to send Big Hair a picture, something that he convinced me to do weekly (it was going to be daily but I wouldn't do that) and then found some friends in the class to go over material with.
snow against a brick wall
 While we were sitting there, we saw that it was snowing. Or maybe just flurries, I'm not really sure but either way pretty exciting since its the first of the year. They tried to get me to go play with them, but it was freezing outside, so of course I didn't do it. I did however do a little more studying and headed to class, where it seemed like everyone else was nervous too.

Coming in the teacher told us that "Once we saw the test we wouldn't be nearly so worried about how difficult it would be" but he was way off. None of the problems were like either of the study guides and I struggled, not even finishing by the end of class. The only good thing was that over 2/3 of the class was right there with me until the end and everyone I talked to seemed to think they did just as poorly. 

On a side note, to end this post on a happy note, here's the picture that Big Hair sent back to me. I'm assuming this angle is because he was in class at the time, but I can totally see up his nose. Honestly it might even be better than Big Hair Hair Styles
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