When Your Boyfriend Doesn't Text Back

I'm sure I can't be the only one who frets about not getting a text back an hour from someone who usually responds right away. Your phone isn't on you (thanks no pocket pants) then you check a few minutes after you sent your message. Oh, no reply. You simply assume they are busy doing something else. Then an hour passes, and it was the night you guys had planned to talk on the phone but still no answer. After you put up your latest blog post, explaining where you're been, you start to get worried. Why isn't he texting me back!?

Your first thought it that maybe your phone isn't working correctly. I mean its had problems receiving messages before, so that could be it. It is true that your computer didn't even show the message was sent. So thing you start to worry that you didn't receive earlier messages, and maybe he thinks you're ignoring him. Then not only are you worried your phone is broken, you feel bad for ignoring your boyfriend. So you work up the courage to email him, he'll answer that you think.

After a little while of this, you come to a new conclusion though. He is just ignoring you. I mean, he still hasn't played you back in running with friends, even though you nudged him, and sent him a message on the game right after playing him yesterday. Just like the game he's ignoring your text, too busy partying. This, is the problem with him living on campus at a party school. You bet he's drinking, doing drugs, banging other ladies. You consider driving to go catch him in the act. You plan out how you're going to react when he confesses what he's been doing. 

Then the worst thought comes. He isn't ignoring you because of some party with hot ladies, alcohol, or illegal substances, he's ignoring you because of YOU. You're clearly found out how many strikes are in a relationship, and you're boyfriend is simply waiting until he can tell you in person that its done. You start to think of all the things you could have done since the last time you saw him, and then figure out what to do with yourself.

You're going to be so lonely on all the weekends you think. No no you tell yourself you're a pretty girl and you'll find someone else. But you don't want to. I mean your boyfriend is so hot. And then you get all sad, because not only is he hot, he's awesome too. You'll win him back, but what if he's dead. Would anyone tell you if he died? Surly someone would, but what if he's in a ditch somewhere and nobody knows about it yet? You think about filing a missing persons report. Then you really do have to find a new man. But you hate people especially boys that come on to you.

Almost an hour exactly after your first text he sends you one back "Ahh! I was in a room with no signal doing rehearsals, Sorry :-(", "Oh and I just got your email". So my phone isn't broke, he isn't banging other ladies, he isn't ignoring me and best of all he isn't dead! You realize your self control has yet again kept your boyfriend from finding out you're crazy. #winning

*I know, I know, all week and very little posting, and then two posts in an hour, but I couldn't help myself with this one. When my man didn't text me back I knew I had the perfect opportunity to use a writing style inspired by Loorie Moore's Self-Help
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