Well that was a first

young girl with reading glasses
Writing this, its not even 9:30 pm and I'm so tired. I had a full day of fun with the Big Hair and was hoping to come home and study for a quiz that's tomorrow, but that isn't going to happen. If I do poorly it isn't that big of a deal, simply because its a very small quiz. I mean I did all the work that I think is required, but he is quite confusing as far as exam questions go. But back to my day with Big Hair.

First right about 8 am my boyfriend came over. We hung out talking and what not for a little while and then my father made everyone breakfast. After eating, surprisingly the Big Hair actually tried a little bit, I gave some to my African Grey. Then my parents headed off for church after staying a little longer my boyfriend and I decided to head to his house. There we played the Xbox for a short time, and I watched a video. That's about the time I decided to try on all of his mother's reading glasses at the same time. I know terrible in this photo. I was going to photoshop it but, there was no way it could be saved.

After eating some of the left over pizza in his house we headed to his college town. Not too long ago I wrote a piece, What happens when your boyfriend doesn't text back, were I had a negative view on the small city. It seems I've gotten over those views since we stayed for quite awhile. I even used is dorm bathroom, which wasn't cool at all. To be honest it kind of had a weird smell.

Then about dinner time we came back to his house to eat more of his family's food. We also watched an episode of cat fish that made me realize internet dating can be really weird. We then went back to my house, and mad cookies. These turned out better than our last baking attempt, even though before that I had even done a rice treats how to. My parents bought us ice cream and after eating it we went on a walk in the rain. I did have rain boots, but only a tiny umbrella between the two of us. By the time the walk was over it was about time for the Big Hair to go watch the last episode of breaking bad, so he left me.
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