Rude Tutor and First Halloween Movie

blond in a grain photo
 Just another typical Monday in the wonderful world of Hanna, but since I'm trying to keep up with a kind of daily diary posting schedule I've sort of been maintaining. That's not to say this is a post you should skip (never skip any of my writing), but be warned today was very much a school day, sorry to those of you who are out and no longer want to think about such things.

This morning I was awoken by my mother's alarms, three of them, that I could hear from my bedroom, ten minutes early. Some how it didn't seem to wake her up though. Since I had a Chemistry Quiz I figured I could take my computer along so I wouldn't have to print out everything to study with. The problem though was that I forgot to charge it when I went to bed so battery power was at about 50%, so I turned it off and put it in my bag.

The drive to school was a little longer than normal due to the fog, and rain. It wasn't dangerous, but everyone seemed to be taking their time which was okay since I had left early that morning. Plus it seemed like I didn't hit any lights along the way. I'm glad though that my boyfriend, who I was hanging with yesterday decided to go school last night, instead of leaving his house this morning. Smart kid.
Mac with a black screen picture
When got to school, I skipped my routine bathroom stop and headed straight for chips in the vending machine, that I took to class. I then got out my text book, and my computer where I noticed it had the side light on meaning it didn't turn off. How that happened I have no idea but it would move from the pictured above screen until I manually restarted it. I was so worried it was permanently stuck that way!

After class, I headed over to the tutoring area to get my homework problems checked and although I've been there a few times a man that "guards" the entrance was so rude to me. First when I scanned my student ID card he was right over my shoulder. When I started to check the boxes that were to explain why you were there I was doing them out of order as I always do (they're all on one page so its no difference which you do first) he was all "please do them in order" in the rudest tone ever. Then when I scrolled down I guess I didn't do it write because he corrected me there. I ignored him and continued to scroll my perfectly good way and he took the mouse from me and taught me how to do it the "right way". I don't understand at all what happened to day because never before has he even left his chair when someone comes in. Just questions them as to why they are there. I can say though that I felt upset by his treatment towards me, but the math tutor was still kind and my homework was all good, both of which made me feel better. Oh well and seeing him act like that to the next girl  who walked in helped too.

After I came home I did a little blogging, like the post about my pumpkin spice cookies, and then watched my first Halloween movie of this year, Hocus Pocus, and it was so cute. The whole time though I was focused on getting my own cat. Oh and as a side not my top in the first picture is from my Kohl's Summer Haul and my hair has just a little of Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray
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