Review: Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub

Renewing Volcanic Scrub from Perlier
This Volcanic Stones Italian Thermal Water, is a Volcanic thermal scrub made to use as a spa treat by the Italian brand Perlier. Perlier is a brand I'm very familiar with, from reviewing the shower gel and lotion travel set that they have, and doing research on the company. This volcanic thermal scrub, is just as luxurious as other products in their line, works fantastically with a few bonuses, and smells very good. All in 6.7 oz. I thoroughly enjoyed my mini spa day using this Italian Thermal Water.

The packaging is meant to resemble something you would see at the spa, and does remind me of things I've seen at hotel spas, and really is a step up from the average spa inspired product. I would actually expect to see the Perlier Theremal Scrub at a spa, with its calming blue color, packaging that looks vintage, and neutral smell. I love the no fuss, no frills look that this Perlier product has, meaning it's very much gender neutral.
Volcano thermal spa
As I said before, the Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Scrub has a calming blue color. It doesn't really show up on the skin nearly as dark as in the container, resulting in a very light blue color. The scrub is pretty gooey but shouldn't run off the skin when applied. For the scrub beads, its going to be in between a light scrub like Clean and Clear Morning Burst, and the Shea Butter Cream Shower Gel. For most users the Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub it shouldn't be to harsh for skin, but if you're the type that normally has sensitive skin, and or issues with scrubs, I'd recommend doing a small test patch on your arm or leg first.

Although this probably isn't the most common of practices I decided to use the Volcanic Thermal Spa by Perlier on my face. Lately I I've been having  a lot of acne and really all around bad skin, so I was looking for anything to help solve my problems, and Perlier did just that. I applied it fairly generously to my skin and right away I saw something strange happen. All of my pimples started surfacing and becoming white heads. When I scrubbed off the Volcanic Thermal Scrub all of the white heads went with it, leaving my skin very soft, and with many less pimples. I think this would also be a great product to get rid of bacne , or acne on your back. 

Right now the Perlier Volcanic Scrub is $25 at and you can get $5 off with the code iFabbo5. #PerlierOnHSN
girl with thermal scrub on face

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