Review: Avon Fusion Nail Polish

 It seems that Avon always has surprisingly amazing products. Their nail polishes are some of my favorites and although this is one of the older speed dry nail polishes, it still performs very well, but if given the choice, I'd go with their newer formula. Not to say this Fusion nail lacquer by Avon doesn't have a lot of great things going for it, because it does. 

Of course I have to start with the packaging, which for a basic nail polish user is perfect. It has the brand name easy to read has an easy to open container and stands up well. Its also very easy to see what color is inside, although finding the name of the color does require quite a bit of searching. Another problem with this speed dry collection is that its hard to store in large groups. This isn't a problem with Avon Sunshine Yellow Nail Polish or any of the newer colors. 

Going on your nails, or at least mine anyways, this avon speed dry polish is very smooth, without any bumps. Just the way I like my nail polish. It doesn't seem to congregate in areas too much but I'll admit it is a little runny and messy. You almost need three coats of it to get a full purple color.
Avon Fusion nail lacquer swatches
The avon fusion nail polish does dry fast, just like it says it does, and is pretty even across the nail about drying times. It doesn't though show those pretty little sparkles that are in the bottle, and I was a little disappointed by that fact. I also noticed little clumps show up if you move your nails around while its drying.

Overall this nail polish is only alright. It has a nice light purple, but it doesn't sparkle like in the bottle, and you really have to watch to make sure it goes on, and dries right. I'd try Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy  or Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings.
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