Outfit: Nordic Reindeer Pajama Leggings

girl in nordic pajamas
girl from side with butt
I've already done outfit posts for the two other items from my monthly Oasap gift, the galaxy print skirt, as well as the snowflake and stripe leggings and that only leaves my Nordic black and white Reindeer leggings to do an outfit post over. Just like my other leggings, with this pair I decided to do a pajama look, but really these leggings in particular would be good for a casual day out as well. The black and white color scheme as well as the simple pattern make this a very easily convertible look, but more on that a little further down.

Before I go on about the whole outfit, I'll first start with the leggings. As you can see (and read) they are a nordic influenced print that features reindeer and a snowflake design. There are also horizontal stripes but I didn't find their effect to be too enlarging, maybe because how they're blocked. On the inside the leggings are super soft and fuzzy.

Black T-Shirt - Nordstrom
Leather Phone Case - Troffol iPhone Case
Black Vera Wang Slippers - a Christmas present
Nordic Leggings -given by Oasap

First the Black T-shirt. I decided on this for a more put together look, I mean if I wan't to go out and get something to eat or simply go grocery shopping I don't have to change out of what I'm wearing. I guess instead of a Pajama outfit, you could almost call this a lounge outfit. The leather iPhone case was kind of used for the same reason, to class it up a bit, the Vera Wang slippers though make it totally casual. I mean I wouldn't wear them out.  They however are very cute.
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