Outfit: Galaxy Print Skirt with Grey

How to wear a galaxy print skirt
outfit with grey sweater and star skirt
 I've already done a style post on the Stripe and Snowflake Leggings that I received from Oasap, and now its time for the next time I received, a galaxy print skirt. I didn't jump on the whole star and atmosphere galaxy trend when it was really popular, but when I saw this skirt I didn't care. I mean its not too late to wear the galaxy trend, is it? I don't think so, although I'm sure I've worn more than a few things that are out of style.

For this look, I decided instead of going with a white top, something that I see quite often, I'd go with a grey one, which creates an even greater focus on the skirt than a lighter top would. I was told, by my dream girl who's engaged, that on top I looked like a cute librarian and on the bottom looked like a party. I'd like to think she was impressed by my outfit.

Grey Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger
Boots - Nordstrom
Galaxy Skirt - Oasap
iPhone Case - Troffol iPhone Case

I went with this grey sweater, and the boots, because its starting to get cold outside. I guess this is my first ready for fall outfit. The galaxy print skirt is of course the main feature, and I think it adds a lot of fun to the outfit. The big curls hair was done because I think it adds a classy feel to the look, and as for the iPhone case, who doesn't love it? If you look at the picture of my outfit below you can see my shoes, which my boyfriend seemed to think were hilarious. I was just trying to channel the 90's with my Galaxy Print Outfit, and he didn't get it.
Short galaxy print skirt

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