My Dream Girl is now Engaged

red tank for filling ballons
 After getting ready for my dream girls engagement, I demanded that Big Hair come over. This was about 20 minutes before he was even back home, and when he did pull into his driveway he refused. Saying something like he needed thirty minutes to shower or whatever. I won though because he arrived 15 minutes later. I'm just that great. Once he did come over we had until 6:30 before we could head over to his house. I'm about 99% sure that his mother didn't let me come over when my dream girl was there because she was afraid I'd tell. I wouldn't have! We then hung around my house for awhile and when my parents came home, we talked to them.

Then we went to my boyfriend's house. His parents said they'd be there shortly, but it took them much longer. Long enough we could have went swimming in the pool that did have fungus, instead of me running around the house, trying to play in a box, and swing from a chandelier. When they did come home though they had balloons with them for decoration! At first they couldn't get the helium to open, but Engineering Hanna figured it out.
Engagement Ballons
 Here are all the filled balloons. There was an initial for my dream girl, and that boy she's engaged to, but no one cares about that. I wish they had gotten them in green, but you know its life. When we were downtown walking down to the restaurant (and back) people kept saying happy birthday, its a boy, and other silly things. Eventually Big Hair's mother got tired of it and made him hold them. I however didn't do anything.

Going into the restaurant, I was surprised how trendy it was. My dream girl's man just doesn't come across as that hip. We had to wait awhile for our table, even though we were a few minutes late which was kind of odd. The table was on the patio and very secluded feeling from the rest of downtown. My Dream Girl's man's family was forty five minutes late, and arrived right behind my boyfriend's sister and her man. If they would have been an extra five minutes late, I can only imagine how bad the boy would have felt. I also heard them talking about how he went ring shopping with My dream girl's parents, which makes me think that they aren't that into having him as a kid.
man in huge sunglasses
Then Big Hair decided to wear my huge white sunglasses, I think to cheer me up, and it worked! He looks so weird here.
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