Musician(s) on a Power Trip

Overall I had an amazing time with Big Hair today. I went with him to the West Baden Hotel where he had a gig playing there. I wasn't all that interested in sitting outside in the sun and only sort of the music, but I figured the long drive there and back would provide lots of quality Hanna n' Big Hair time.   Going to the West Baden Hotel though didn't turn out like I had expected though, actually leaving a really bad memory of somewhere I used to get lunches and go horseback riding at quite often. All because of one musician who thinks they're some authority simply because they're the in house person.

side of west Baden springs hotel
If you've never been to West Baden Indiana I have to start by saying the whole town is so pretty. It has this old feel with the downtown shops, and historic homes on the hill. But, it also has modern things like lots of street lamps a big park, and benches everywhere. Going into the hotel drive is just as nice, you drive across a very pretty entrance, and brick road. Since we were in the back area (employee parking) it was a little bit of a drive. 

Going into the employee parking lot at the West Baden Springs Hotel we saw another musician, I'll call her The Musician, and talked to her for a minute. She seemed friendly enough, mentioning that the hotel wouldn't really want to pay for my food (of course not, I mean really?) and said something about going down there herself. Big Hair had no idea that she was going to be a part of the entertainment, but she's good so it really didn't matter. 
stand taken from college
 Big hair only had a few things to unload, and of course I wanted to help, but not help that much so I took the lightest thing I could, this music stand. I'm not sure exactly how he got it but it does say school of music so I'm a little suspicious. Although there's no hope in finding the owner because "school of music" is pretty vague. Oh and the steel drum player had a fan, which was funny to me for some reason.

The other musicians, two of them, set up their instruments, and talked a little bit. Since they're music people, and I'm the girlfriend I wasn't much into their conversation but they didn't completely ignore me. One thing I did learn though was that The Musician wasn't playing at all that day. I mean she really made it seem like she was which was a little weird.

About an hour into the three hour gig, they got a break and Big Hair came over to talk to me. While we were sitting there The Musician came over and said we need to at least act like guests. Literally we were just sitting at the lounge chairs and talking about his music. Right after that The Musician decided that I couldn't be there because the pool was "exclusive" saying that I wasn't allowed to be there and made me go sit in the lobby. When she said those two things, she made me and the Big Hair seem like the trashiest trash ever. I mean there were twenty lounge chairs and only one other person using it. I wasn't bothering anyone. Plus she let me sit there for an hour (and do calculus homework) with no problem, so what was the issue now? 

So I went up and sat alone in the lobby, which was fine. But as far as that exclusive part of the hotel, which she's said to big hair multiple times, it isn't at all. I mean its nice (as far as looks go) but the rates start at $200 a night, not much at all. If you don't believe me, well the nearest holiday inn starts at $140 a night. So yes this is such an exclusive hotel, where I wouldn't be able to act like a proper guest. 

While I was sitting in the lobby I gained that information about her oh so exclusive hotel, by the way the pool was so tiny and mostly just an outdoor patio area (although I think the indoor one is nicer), as well as a few other things, like that you can gets as rates as low as $150 at the West Baden Springs Hotel.  I did all this in between bathroom breaks, thank you nexplanon, when I was to annoyed to finish my Calculus work.  
how they dress at French Lick resort
On one of those trips, I decided to take a picture of myself to show how non guest like I look, and The Musician is right.  I'm wearing my pink BCBG Max Azria skirt, my black and white tank from Nordstrom, and my Coach tennis shoes, oh and my sparkly kohls phone case. I mean wouldn't say that I look fancy rich, or "exclusive" but I look decent. But then on the right side you see all the guests. I'm not saying they look bad, obviously just dressed for comfort. Its funny though considering The Musician acted like I couldn't have been lower, when clearly to fit in with the guests I needed to dress down.

The Musician is just some over controlling woman who likes to assert her power on other people, when she knows she can win. She's not the one in charge of who goes in and out, and honestly there were so many empty chairs that I wasn't even close to taking up someone's spot, if I was I would have even moved to the very hot car, happily. That has nothing to do with why I had to move though. 

I was made to leave because this woman decided that I wasn't good enough to be in her classy hotel. Not good enough because she thinks she is so great that where she works, is obviously the best place every, the place where only the rich elegant people go. Obviously I can't speak about how good she is because I've never heard her play, but I can tell you the hotel isn't exclusive at all. Its just a hotel. 

I hate it so much when people think they're just so great. I mean its fine to have self esteem, but The Musician was just plan arrogant, rude and really, mean.  GET OVER YOURSELF. Right now I could go on to bash her life and such but really to me she's just some faceless woman who represents quite a few just like her. I'm sorry that you're stuck at some hotel in the middle of Southern Indiana, and you feel better about yourself when you're controlling people, but really its not doing you any good. It doesn't make anyone think you're any better.
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