Menards Shopping and Grandparents Meeting

Big Green Eyes girl
 Don't I look adorable in that picture? I mean come on, you have to admit it. Today I hung out both my mother and the Big hair, but no pictures, which I guess means I don't have any proof. So I guess you'll have to take my word for it. I mean since my post about what to do when your boyfriend doesn't text back  you might think that we're over, and that I'm just pretending to keep up appearances.

Well first off we had to wait until the boyfriend got home from school to go out to lunch, which was at about 1:30 my mother wanted to go to a sit down restaurant but I overruled her and so we headed to burger king. In one of my food posts I'll talk more about what I ate there, but I can say that a woman working there complimented my dress, one of my birthday presents from my boyfriend , he couldn't take any credit though because his mother and sister were the ones who picked it out.

After that we headed to my grandparents house to bring them eggs. Really though this was a simple ploy by my mother to get big hair to meet the grandparents. They had said things about wanting to meet him, but weren't that interested when he came. So we headed to the garden and got some mosquito bites before leaving.

The last thing on our list was going to look at Menards for tiles, for the shower and floor in my parents master bathroom. We were there for at least two hours where my mother looked at everything and my boyfriend tried his best to entertain me. If this project ever gets done I'll do a before and after of it.
Eye anatomy
To end the post I'll show you what was on my psychology pop quiz. Note that I said psychology and not human biology or something similar. It seems like the whole class we've been learning about anatomy and physiology. I was going to do a whole rant over it, but really this short thing will do, especially since its his first year teaching.
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