Making a Tower and Drawing a Pony

 After having a not so good weekend, with my labor day cook out and that whole West Baden Hotel thing, I went to school very tired and almost unwillingly. Since I had so much homework and so little time to complete it I was tired, and stressed out. I still managed though to get to school an hour early to look over a few things in my textbook, and just kind of hang out. That's when my good day began.

Getting to class, a girl, who I'm not at all fond of didn't end up sitting in front of me like she always manages to no matter where I sit. If it was just her personality, that was bad, I could handle it, but she has this huge fro that takes up so much space I can't see any of the projections. Then an even better thing happened. My teacher passed back our quizzes (that are worth barely any points) and I got a 100% but really I didn't deserve it, because I missed one, he even marked it wrong, but must not have seen it when he was doing the totaling. I feel like this is the first time ever that's happened to me.

how to make a pipe cleaner tower
Then after my Psychology class I had a long wait until my next class, so I did some homework checking.  The class is a basic engineering one, and I was not looking forward to it. First off we had a ton of homework last class meeting that I wasn't even sure if I did correctly and second we were doing group projects for the day. Going in the teacher said that everyone had trouble with the homework and that they'd be considerate of it while grading. Then after playing a get to know you game, which I didn't mind, maybe because that speech class really worked, and then we got started on the project.

The rules were fifteen minutes to build the tallest tower you could with your group (mine had three but most had five) using 24 pipe cleaners a silly pirate flag and dow rod. I came up with the first idea of having triangles as the base, but because we couldn't get a good size we went with a square shape that  were made into triangles by the reinforcing pipe cleaners. At the end of each pipe cleaner line we put a square pipe cleaner to brace it so that there wouldn't be too much weight on one portion. At this time we were getting a ton of unstably so we added the dow rod as a brace in the middle. 

In the end our tower was the tallest by five inches, and the teacher seemed quite impressed. I was surprised at how much fun I had doing it, especially in a group of people that I had never even met before. I'll admit though that those pipe cleaners are absolutely terrible to build with. Not only are they flimsy but if you bend them a certain way they refuse to go back to the way they were.
is that a pony
After engineering I sat with a few people to finish my Calculus homework, that I'm not all that sure I did well on. I mean we seemed to be getting the same answers but, that doesn't do anything because we could all be wrong. Once in class I paid attention most of the time, but in the last half of an hour (class is about 2 hours I started getting very bored and drew a barn, and then this very ugly pony trying to eat a flower. If you can see he has rodent teeth a mustache and terrible hair.

I'm so glad that after having a hard weekend that I had such a nice day back at school. I mean sure I would rather not be there at all, but since that isn't a choice I might as well make the best of it.
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