Making Pumpkin Spice Cookies

how to make halloween cookies
 Halloween is on its way. I've done Halloween Costume look, actually two, but this is my first ever halloween baking attempt. Well I wouldn't exactly say its halloween, more of a fall flavor with the pumpkin and spice, but with the right kind of icing these cookies will be perfect for a Halloween party. Making them was pretty simple and they came out soft, and full of pumpkin spice scent and taste.

These Pumpkin Spice cookies were a part of a pre made Betty Crocker mix that I bought from the Dollar General (surprising find) for $1. The mix has almost everything you'll need to make the pumpkin spice cookies, and you'll only need to add egg butter and water to the mix. First thing's first though you'll want see the what to wear when baking guide, if you're anything like me that way you can dress for the occasion. Although really, making these cookies isn't too messy so you can wear anything without worry. 
cookies to make for halloween
The first step to making a good batch of Betty Crocker Pumpkin Spice Cookies, is of course having the mix on hand. After that all the steps are so simple even my lovely assistant Big Hair, and I didn't mess them up. Get out a large mixing bowl and put in a stick of butter, one egg and two tablespoons of water. Then tear open the mix, or cut it, and dump it into the bowl along with your other ingredients.  I used the mixer (with the wrong attachment) to mix my cookie dough up. 

Then scoop up the dough into one table spoon round pieces, and put them on the cookie sheet. If your cookie sheet is dark put your over at 350F and if its light colored go for 375F. Af first I simply used the tool to get the round shape I wanted, but then because it was taking too long I let my assistant do the tool and I shaped them into balls using my hands. After baking for a good ten minutes (this mix makes two sheets of pumpkin spice cookies) the cookies were done without being brunt on the edges. They won an overall A+ for taste and texture.
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