Life Photos: The Queen of Free

just my life
I'll start with the big picture of the woman that has things drawn on her face. Basically she's a local "blogger" who has a weekly column about saving money, and I cannot stand her. For one, she acts like she's this awesome pro blogger, when her following is very tiny and for two her saving money tricks are terrible. For Halloween you should just dress your children up in things you have around the house. Her children were pigs in a blanket, which consisted of a blanket and the a pink paper rolled up on their nose. Honestly that takes away from the fun of getting dressed up. I'd be ashamed to look like that. For tricker treaters to save money you should buy one of those dollar things at fast food restaurants that come with like 20 coupons and pass them out individually. 

After all this you'd think she'd be poor, and that's why she's so cheap, but nope, her husband is a lawyer, and they send their kids to private school. She admits that the public schools in her area are nice, and won't provide a reason to put them in private, a huge contradiction to her Queen of Free money saving ways so she was drawn on.

Next if you've seen my starting small garden post, you'd know I have a few other plants that are just for the animals. This is one of those, since all of those berries are things I'd rather not indulge in, but the birds seem to enjoy them, and if nothing else they're very pretty. 

Then there is a relationship survey that I had to take as an extra credit thing in my psychology class, the same one where the teacher thought my eyes were ugly. The survey was really weird too. Asking lots of questions about what I considered cheating and my self esteem. Maybe me happy for my relationship.

Then there was the dark burger king bathroom that I went into. each of the individual stalls have lighting in them which was on, but the main area was dark. I couldn't find a light switch, so I left. Without going pee.

Then there was the engineering midterm study guide. I can't say that I absolutely loved studying for it, because a lot of the things seemed quite pointless. I did however get a great grade on it, so I can't be too upset. I'm pretty sure though it caused me to be the "leader" for our next group assignment and that's never good.

Last is my grandmother's porch. I talked about how she was in the hospital, which meant that her housework wasn't getting done. Because you know my grandfather couldn't do it. I ended up sweeping out the leaves and watering the plants while my mother vacuumed and did dishes. 
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