Is it just my Grandparents?

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After two full days of hanging out with Big hair, the first when I explored my dream girl's room and the second when I had a fantastic time at West Baden Springs Hotel I was a little behind on my school work. Not a ton, but since it's due tomorrow, I really needed to get it done. So as soon as I got up, a little later than normal, I started to work on my homework. After the first two hours I realized it was going to take a little longer than I had planned, no big deal, I just wouldn't go to the extended family cook out. 

Well after my parents left I had just finished up my math work, and I figured it was a good three hours for me to do my engineering homework. A few times already that day my grandfather had been texting me asking if I was bringing my boyfriend if I was going, and such, when I explained to him that I really needed to study and that we'd probably visit next week. This of course wasn't enough. After calling me he decided to convince my parents to come back and pick me up.

So, I spent the next four hours at their house. The thing is, I didn't know a lot of the people there. It was just supposed to be my grandparents, their children (like my mother) and grandchildren. They made the mistake though of telling one of my grandfather's brothers about it, you in turn invited all of his children with their grandchildren as well as his sister and her family. The thing is their house isn't that big. So I didn't know any of these people, and my grandfather who was so insistent about me going didn't even talk to me once. Well except for when he scolded my for not bringing along my boyfriend for him to meet. 

I'm not going to say it was all bad, I had good food, and got to talk to my cousin and her man. The same cousin who I wrote about having her own apartment so young, and I'm so excited for what she's trying to do right now. But it wasn't worth my time. I could have been working on my school work, and  actually just now got done with it. 

I'll never understand that whole respect your elders thing. I mean why? Age doesn't really make you any wiser, just more demanding it seems. I still have school work that I was hoping to get done today, not done, so that my grandfather can be proud of himself for making me go. Oh and about him trying to make me bring my boyfriend. I guess its not just me who has to do his bidding. He expected him to drop everything and show up, just because. 
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