Indian God Ganesh

idol place for ganesh
 Today I had a very eventful day, I went to visit someone in the hospital, got my in the arm birth control out (read my nexplanon review) saw my grandparents, and then went to a ceremony for the Indian God Ganesh. This was a home ceremony, with a small idol and all of his decorations. Normally this would be an event where family members would come and celebrate and do prayers, but because they are in the United States they are away from their family, and in our area there isn't a big Hindu population, so they invited a few non indian non hindu friends. 

First they told us what we would be doing, three prayers, although I think they could have done more, give offerings, and such and then we started. As they were doing the prayers they burned a candle and since I was the smallest I rang the bell. I'd like to think I did my task well, but I was a little shy about it. You can sort of see that my Battle of the Sexes Nail Polish and No Hard Feelings Nail polish that is still, barely, holding on. Then the smoke was pushed in the idol Ganesh's face and then ours. 

After that we offered him our flowers, and then food. When it was all laid out I had to ring the bell to wake him up. If I were a God, I'd ask for a lot cooler stuff then a few flower heads. I think some gold, silver, cashmere, and silk would do the trick. Although the food would be used as well. The hosts worked hard on their setting for Ganesh, with Europe on one side and America on the other. There are paintings and tie dye as well.
Indian genesh festival
Then came the food afterwards. It was just supposed to be a snack, and in the invite said "vegetarian, not spicy indian food" but for me it was spicy, I mean I still ate it because it was very good, but I need a whole lot of water. What I brought home, I plan to add cheese and sour cream to, just to make it a little more mild. Oh and for a snack, it wasn't at all, a very full meal and even with the spicy taste I ate almost all of it because of how nice it tasted.
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