Getting Ready: My Dream Girl's Engagement

Girl with Purple Eyes
 Just recently I made my first post about my dream girl, and how I explored her room without her being there. Its totally okay though, because its not like I broke into her house to do it, her brother (my boyfriend) let me do it. Plus her bedroom door was open, so I don't see a crime. Today though she is getting engaged. I've known about this for a whole week, something that I'll talk about in my next post, and I've been quite sad about it. I was invited along as part of the family to go to dessert and drinks. I'm not really at all a part of the family, but I wasn't at all going to say to seeing my dream girl.

Because this whole engagement thing was on a friday I didn't have school before going. This meant that I had all day to get ready and do whatever girl things I wanted to do. This was especially true since the Big Hair wouldn't be coming to get me until four o-clock. This gave me plenty of time to try and make myself look nice to impress my dream girl. Maybe even change her mind.
what to use to smell like oranges
 For my all over smell, I decided to go with a orange citrus smell. I'm not sure that my dream girl likes it, but I do, and if we're as much of soul mates as I think we are, I'm sure she loved it. The first thing I did was to take a shower. This wasn't one of my hair rinsing days so, I just used my loofa and Nivea Touch of Happiness body wash. For this body wash you don't have to use a loofa because it bubbles on its own, but I can't help it. I love the feeling of the extra bubbles in the tub. I'm not sure that this particular scent lasted that long, but it was so nice to bathe in that I don't really care. Doing this I also touched up on my leg shaving. I then applied Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response , not because I was going to be stressed out, just heartbroken, but because it smells like oranges. If I were serious about  sweat I would have applied it at night. 

Because I shaved, I needed a little bit of extra moisture, and for my elbows because I didn't want those looking ugly so I used Perlier Honey Miel lotion. Even though its Honey it really has this nice citrus smell, and its moisture effect is so good. Since the bottle is small, its lucky for me that a lot goes a long way. Last, I put on my Mark Citrus Bloom Perfume. This really isn't my favorite perfume, a gift, but for the citrus scent I was going for it's perfect.
products for the face primer
 Up next was my skin care regime. I hadn't used a mask in awhile so I figured I could use my Cucumber Facial Peel off mask. It peels off a few of my blackheads, and moisturizes my skin so I figured it was a good choice. I forgot though that it leaves these little peel pieces everywhere that looks like dead skin coming off. I had to peel, rub it off and search for all the extra pieces afterwards. Then, I put on my garnier moisture lotion. I normally don't pay this much attention to moisturizing my skin, but I knew it'd be a long makeup day and the makeup always lasts longer if I have nice skin underneath.

After all  my moisture was done, then came my base, BB cream. The first one I put on was my Hydroxatone BB Cream. I always use this first because its the better coverage BB cream and its darker. Since this was supposed to be a Hot Hanna day, I decided to Maybelline BB Cream . This is mostly for  as a nose shaper, and underneath my eyes.  These two work pretty well together, and there wasn't any caking.
makeup for eyes
Then came the colored contacts. I normally don't bother with this, but I really wanted the unnatural look today so I went with the purple. Putting in contacts is always my first step, because after I put them in my eyes always water. For the eyeliner I used a combination of white for the water line, purple for the lower, and black for the upper lid. Then I put on the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara to pull it all together and was done. 
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