Food Photos: Rosco's Tacos Dinner, Cookies

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This everyday food, food photos consists of only dinners and cookies. I guess one of these dinners only half way counts, but I'll get to that. Starting with Rosco's Tacos. Its a restaurant in my area that has super huge servings of tacos and nachos for fairly good prices. Very different than burritos I make at home. With these you get two chicken tacos and a beef one filled with cheese tomatoes lettuce black olives and onions.

Next is those Pumpkin Spice Halloween cookies I made. After giving my lovely assistant, Big Hair some, my family ate the rest in two days. I wasn't all that into the texture of the cookies though the taste was great. Baking is a great way to get into fall.

I know the lighting is bad with this photo, but its noodles and corn with spinach mixed in. On the side is green beans as well as carrots with ranch dressing. I ate this in the living room with my mother. The only time we have weekday dinners in front of the television is when my father is out of town.

These Chips Ahoy cookies are halloween themed as well. I actually stole them out of the cabinet at my boyfriend's house and ate half of them before returning them to their place. I haven't had any Chips Ahoy in quite awhile so I was happy to get a few of these.

Chili is one of my favorite foods I get it from Wendy's and other restaurants, but my favorite is when its home made. There are a few different ways to do it, as we don't have a set recipe, but I might do a how to on it soon.

Last is a half dinner that I made for myself around four o-clock normally I wait to eat with my family but I was so hungry that I had to eat it a little early. So this was my first dinner and that night was my second. Its just rammen noodles with beef flavor packets. 

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