Food Photos: McTaco Bell and Vending

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Tacobell is the first thing on this list, and not something I get to have very often because no one else seems to like it. I had a NachoBell Grande and a soft taco along with a Doritos one. Although taco bell isn't always the best tasting it was very good this time. This was the same day I did my TJ Maxx fall haul so it was obviously a pretty good day. 

I had some of my pumpkin bars, that I talked about only being so so. Too sweet I think. Although it was nice to have a fall themed food around the house. I can't wait until thanksgiving when I can have pumpkin pie.

Then there are two vending machine finds. The first being fruit snacks that I love to have, actually I found these at the grocery store so I can get them for a little better price. The Potato skins, cheddar and Bacon are very good, but only a once in awhile kind of thing. Have to be in the mood for them.

Then there are the two chocolates. I had these of course at my grandparents, which I've talked about before, but this time was different! Not really but, I do need to stop eating them. Too unhealthy.

Last is a Mcdonalds salad that I had after going to the covered bridge festival. I absolutely love this chick salad, no matter what dressing it comes with. Too bad its only a trick, having more calories than their sandwiches.
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