Food Photos: Leftover Pizza, Hot Chocolate

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It seems like I've been doing a lot of posts lately and I have for sure. Just playing catch up, which hopefully I'll be done with very soon. The first food picture, the biggest one is what I had at my boyfriends house last week for lunch. Left over pizza and bread sticks, both from Chicago's. This is where I went after babysitting that girl and I love their food, even day old. I should have done a blog post about what I did with the Big Hair, but I seem to be laking on that lately.

The hot chocolate and chocolate peanut butter bar (I forget what its actually called) I also had at my boyfriend's house last week, and before the pizza. I guess it was a morning snack. The hot chocolate was really good, but for some reason we had trouble finding it in the house and opened up a new container. My boyfriend's mother afterwards pointed us to wear it was sitting out in plain sight.

Then there was dinner at my house, hispanic food that I can't quite remember what it was called. It had a shell, chicken, beans, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuces, so whatever that is. Oh and on top it had guacamole sauce that my mother made. 

Next on the list is lima beans, peppers, buttered bread and casserole. This isn't your average casserole though, because its made out of some other ingredient from my grandparents garden. Being the bad blogger I am I can't remember what it was, but I can say that it wasn't something in my starting small garden. So that narrows it down, by like none.  

At the top is a whopper jr, and satisfries that I had at burger king when the lights in the bathroom wouldn't come on. The food there is always pretty good, I mean for fast food, but the wait always seems to be terrible. Maybe because its fresher so they're making it?

Last is what I ate for dinner when I had to spend the night for the first time in my house alone. It really was terrible. The whole time I thought someone was going to kill me. The only good part was when my boyfriend came over for two hours to hang out, but he wouldn't let me stay the night on his couch. 
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