Food Photos: At the Hospital for Grandma

american hospital food
The first three of this everyday food photos, are things that I ate while visiting my grandmother at the hospital she's already out now, and doing fine. Actually she wasn't in that long, but since I do like to eat, I managed to get a lot of food photos from there. The first is a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich I had the day after she was admitted. It was very good, so I made it my big picture. I didn't get anything else with it other than the drink, and it didn't really fill me up.

The next time I went to the hospital I had a chicken burger with lots of things on it. Originally I wanted it cold, but the woman very much seemed to want to toast it for me. I always find it funny when things like that happen. I didn't really like the onions on it, but everything else was good, and that pickle on the side was awesome.

The next two photos are of snacks that I had. The first was a cinnamon roll from the hospital cafeteria and I didn't like it that well. It was hard and too sticky. I would have done without it had I of known how bad it was going to taste. Then was a pumpkin poptart that I brought from home it wasn't bad, but nothing like those pumpkin spice cookies or pumpkin bars

Then there was a dessert that my mother made. Something about german cake apple whatever. Again I'm not a food blogger, if you couldn't already tell. It has powdered sugar on the top, and apple in the middle. Very good.

Last was dinner two nights ago where I had fried chicken, I actually pulled off the breading and ate then inside. Fried isn't my thing. Mashed potatoes, and corn. Both of the sides were good, and the corn tasted great. It was some of the fresh corn we cooked and froze
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