First of Big Hair's School Concerts

taking pictures of a concert
 Yesterday evening I went to see Big Hair's first concert of the year for school. I went to one of his latin band things last year, but that was much less formal, where this was in a big open auditorium. During the summer I had told him I would go to ALL of his concerts expecting it to be his parents taking me along with them. As it turned out though they took a trip to Disney (without him!) which left me to go it along, but I made my mother go and do all the driving so it wasn't too bad.

Upon arriving we did miss the parking garage once, but really it wasn't too hard to find our way around. Going into the building I was surprised by how pretty it is. I loved the huge windows, and the auditorium had multiple levels. At first we were on the first floor but I decided to go to the second, no one was at the higher levels, so I decided not to be shameless and buay paiseh and go to the top row, had other have been up there, I would have though. 

 I then was made to record everything, a requirement by the Big Hair's mother, and I'd like to say I did a pretty good job. I mean I stopped it twice making two records and missed a part of the band, but I'm only a beginner. I liked the songs pretty well, and afterwards we meet up with the Big Hair to eat food after he put up his instrument. 
girl with a cup
Then we headed for McDonalds. I have a feeling my mother and the Big Hair wanted something else, but I didn't really care. The service was awful though. We ended up spending 10 minutes waiting for them to take our order (there wasn't anyone else around they were ignoring us) and then they forgot one of the fries. When my mother went up to get it they were super rude to her. The food still tasted pretty good. In case you're curious on my face I'm wearing L.A colors liquid black eyeliner, maybelline BB cream and Lancome Noir Midnight Mascara
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