Dropping my First Class

I remember having a lot of trouble with that math class that I passed, and a few times wanting to drop it.  I didn't though, because even though the work was overwhelming I really wanted to learn the math, not to mention I knew if I worked hard enough then I could pass it, or at the very least learn enough that if I  had to retake it I'd be ahead of the game. In the end I did pass my math class, and was able to take the next class up. I don't think though that this will be the case with the class that I'm dropping today Intro to Business and Management.

Going in I knew it was going to be bad, I saw the class syllabus, saw that he was wanting us to do silly things like Facebook and Twitter discussions and there would be a paper due every week. I was considering dropping it, but he didn't put this information up until Thursday morning meaning it'd be hard to take another class instead. So I decided it would be better to be tough through it rather than be one credit hour shy of the full time student statues. 

After the first week of discussions on the forums, which I did, there were supposed to be more, but they were never put up anywhere. I emailed the teacher about it the first week asking where they were (since they were on the syllabus) and he simply told me I had all the discussions done, but that wasn't what I had asked. Then after the whole Miley Cyrus twerking thing we were assigned a paper about it, two days after the syllabus said we should get it. Instead of posting it as an assignment, he simply sent it as a class message, it took him another day and a half to put the rubric, and guidelines up, as well as where we should turn it in at. By this time, we only had four days for the assignment, and its supposed to be at least three pages.  After a lot of hard work, especially since he was making us find information that wasn't readily available (I had to call and email CNN for somethings) I turned in my Miley Cyrus on CNN controversy paper. 

I can honestly say this is one of the best research papers I've written, it has a ton of evidence opinions, and few grammar mistakes (for someone like me) When it got graded though I received an 80% although there was a rubric he didn't write anything on it. The only comment I got was "Good Job". How is a B- a good job? I think I deserve a little feedback. Already I was thinking about dropping the class, there we lessons we're supposed to learn, were he would link to whole sites for us to read with thousands of articles and it was overwhelming, then the worst part came.

We had been given partner work and after finding people in the class to work with, mind you this is an online class so I have never even seen any of these people, we got to work, and everyone worked all weekend getting it together. Before I turned mine in I sent a message to the teacher asking if he "wanted simply my work, my team's finished product, or both" in response I got 

"While I have been vague, you questions give me the power to control you and your team.  I expect that is not what you think you are asking for but if I am more definitive, then I am empowering myself to control your outcome and grade.
This might seem odd to you and I am sorry. But in business, you make the rule and are judged by them. Here we practice that.  So, do what you think will get your team into the high preforming mode with the fewest distractions." 

What does this even mean!? Nothing to do with what I asked anyways. 

The worst came though Monday afternoon, where after finishing my second group assignment, that he had made an announcement earlier in the day saying that our teams were chosen for us and in the roster. He did this in a way that made it look like he put it out with another message from Wednesday, meaning it didn't send to anyones emails, or post a new notification. 

That means both of the assignments I spent hours on were then worthless, and I had to get my team together and some how get the first thing done which is due on Wednesday. No one as of now has emailed me back, and so instead I'm dropping the class.

Its not required for any major I want, and really I don't want something like this lowering my GPA. I've been in the class for awhile now, and haven't learned a thing other than I don't want to take any more online classes. I have others that I need to focus on, instead of spending hours on something and not having any direction. On a happy note, I did get a 95% on my first Chemistry test that I was a little worried about.

graded test print out

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