Cramps & No Work Done School Day

Hanna Marie Lei
 This morning I had such bad cramps, a result I think of both eating spicy indian food, and having my nexplanon removed. When I got up, it took me quite awhile to get moving because of it. I just sat there, wishing it would go away. Had I still been in high school I simply would have missed a day. Unfortunately though a lot of my classes like to give quizzes at the end of class, that you miss out on if you aren't there. Tricky people if you ask me. Oh and if you're wondering about my not so pretty hair, and not so pretty outfit, I can't help it! When I left in the morning it was pouring outside. I needed something with a hood.

Then it seemed like all day, when I wasn't in class of course, I was just passing the time, not really getting any of my homework done, or working on anything else. Just waiting for the next class. This of course is bad because, that just means I'll have to do the work later. Worst of all I have three really big tests coming up next week that I should be studying for.

Its seemed like lately I haven't gotten nearly as much done in a day as I would like to. I'm not sure if this is because of poor time management or if I'm just setting my expectations too high. I'm really hoping its the later and I can just solve the problem.
sign to stop drugs
Random picture, I saw this Above the Influence board, that looks really nice. But does it really convince people not to do drugs? I doubt it, so a little bit of a lost cause I think.
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