Cats I Know

collage of cats
I'm not sure about anyone else, but I can say that I really love cats. I don't have one of my own any more, and that just seems to strengthen my growing obsession. Just the other day I say this adorable older kitten climbing a tree when the little boy up there called for it, the best thing I saw all day. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it, but my phone is full of a few other cat pictures that are quite cute.

The first cat on this list is Indy the cat, who only has one picture. I know there is another black cat, but Indy is the one on the top far right. She hasn't had a formal introduction, but she did first appear in the post where I visited my Dream Girl's room. In that picture you couldn't really see much though. 

Then there is the other black cat that's in all the pictures, that hasn't been featured, because I've only seen it twice. It has this husky meow, almost as if though it has a sore throat and is super friendly. The orange cat has the same owner as it.

Then of course there is the orange cat that I've talked about when I went shopping before fall break. She is the most friendly cat. I mean, she tried to get into the house after I was done petting her in the driveway. And she's always trying to sit in my lap.

Last is Simon the Cat who's basically just some old man. He throws up all the time, and always has a grumpy attitude towards me, but for some reason his family likes him better than Indy. I'll never understand those people.
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